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Corner Merchants Association Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Corner Merchants Association is to create a network of Corner business owners intent upon promoting their businesses while preserving and protecting the historic assets of The Corner.  We are dedicated to accomplishing these goals by:

  • Working as collective whole to accomplish our objectives

  • Providing support to all business within the Corner area

  • Creating awareness of the different businesses at The Corner

  • Providing education of topics of interest

  • Representing the interest of business owners in local and state government

  • Working with the City of Charlottesville and other civic organizations to further the interest of members of the Corner Merchants Association

  • Attracting new business to The Corner

  • Supporting historical preservation of buildings on and around The Corner

“The Corner” is an area of businesses and residents north of the UVa Lawn, from the intersection of 10th Street NW and W. Main Street to the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church at 1700 University Avenue, including all of Elliwood Ave., 14th Street NW from University Ave. to Gordon Avenue (inclusive), and 10th Street NW to Wertland Street (inclusive).  See attached map.

Member merchants in the Corner Merchant Association understand that membership in the association does not promise or even infer any type of reward, increase in sales, or otherwise profit from being a member other than the education gained from attending meetings and communicating with other members. 

The Corner Merchant Association is a 501(c)(6) by the IRS rules and regulations. We are not a Charity and therefore none of the amounts contributed to our organization is Tax Deductible as a Charity. For more information on what you can deduct on your taxes, please consult your Tax Professional.

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