Many businesses validate parking. Please check with the business to confirm participation in parking validation.

1501 University Ave. (Entrance between Finch and Michael's Bistro)

(434) 977-0628


104 14th St.

(434) 295-7836

Entrance located on Wertland Street


Between Take It Away and The Biltmore Grill.

(434) 295-7836




Hours: Mon. - Sat. 6:35am - 11:32pm

            Sun. 8:00am - 5:47pm

A Guide For Parking On The Corner

Elliewood Ave. lot between Take It Away Sandwich Shop and The Biltmore:

Hourly parking for the general public is available in spots not marked "Reserved." The lot is managed by the Piedmont Virginia Parking Company and is available on a pay and display basis, 24/7.

Elliewood Ave. lot behind Ragged Mountain Running Shop:

Free parking is available for Ragged Mountain customers during the shop's normal business hours. After 6:00pm (after 7:00pm on Thursdays) the lot is open to and available for the general public on a pay and display basis. Get your ticket across the street on Elliewood.

Bank of America Lot:

This is a private lot and unauthorized parking is strictly monitored. The upper level parking deck attached to this lot is only for use by monthly parkers. It may be open for special events with an attendant.

The Corner Parking Lot:

This lot is located behind the stores in the 1500 block of University Ave. Turn off University Ave. between Littlejohn's New York Deli and Finch clothing shop (1501 University Ave.) and get a ticket at the entrance gate. This lot has attendants and a pay upon exit plan. Parking behind other cars is allowed in certain spaces as long as you leave your keys with the attendant. Take your ticket with you as many merchants provide free validation for their customers (1/2 hour or 1 hour).

Parking Garage at 14th and Wertland Streets:

At the entrance on Wertland St., get a parking ticket at the entrance gate. Hourly parking for the general public is available with an attendant on a pay as you leave plan. Take your parking ticket with you, as some surrounding shops and restaurants have free parking validation for their customers. Event parking is also available.

Central Grounds Parking Garage:

Located at 342-398 Emmett St. S. below the University Book Store, this facility provides hourly parking available for the general public. Credit cards, debit cards and cash are accepted for payment. It is a short walk upstairs to The Lawn.

Street parking on 14th St. NW:

No time limits. Usually very full, but the further you drive up 14th St. NW, away from The Corner, the more likely you are to find an open space.